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Getting Enough

Getting Enough focuses on a still very beautiful and seductive woman in her early fifties, Vera Rose, who is going through her mid-life crisis. She is every inch the diva, striking self-righteous, melodramatic poses at the drop of a hat, lashing out continuously because she is so profoundly unhappy.

Vera has the courage to break free from the straitjacket of puritanical morality in which she has been trapped all her life and to liberate herself sexually. Once she does this, she discovers to her astonishment that she is actually falling in love with the very man she thought she despised most: her husband, Sidney.

As marriages crumble all around them, Vera and Sidney work out a new relationship based on mutual esteem and tenderness.

This intimate drama unfolds against the background of an extended Jewish family notorious for its forthrightness and coarse yet poetic use of language.

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